The Brewies Story
The Montana Brewies team

Stella, Mike and Meredith in the Bridgers - MT

The Vermont Brewies team

Brookie, Emily, Gary, Meredith and Margaret - VT

Welcome to Brewies! This is the story of two dogs, and Mike and Meredith’s adventure to create delicious and healthy dog treats. It all started two years ago when Meredith decided to adopt a new best friend, Stella from the local humane society in Bozeman, Montana. Stella is not the only dog to have inspired the creation of Brewies though. The dog on the Brewies label is actually Meredith’s family dog, Brookie, a black lab who lives in Derby, Vermont and is part of the Brewies crew too!

This is the story of that crew and the adventure that has become Brewies...

Stella, a border-collie and lab mix, turned out to be a very energetic dog with picky culinary tastes. We spent a lot of money on different treats that we hoped she would like, but most treats she would just sniff and walk away from. We couldn’t seem to find anything healthy that she liked.

One day, while Mike was finishing up a batch of homebrew beer, we noticed Stella’s head deep in a bucket of the spent malt barley (left over byproduct of the beer making process). We didn’t think much of it until after Mike had dumped the grain in a vacant field to compost. A few hours later, we saw several dogs wander over and start snacking on the barley. We thought, why not use the byproduct? Why not recycle it, and see if we can’t make a dog treat out of the spent grain?

In the home kitchen, we started tweaking the recipe and researching different all-organic ingredients. Stella gave her approval of the new treat idea immediately. In fact, she approved so much that when we made them she would run over to observe and wait for a crumb to slip her way. Once Stella approved, we then sent some to Brookie to get her approval. Brookie was a big fan of the treats as well, and was excited for more to be shipped her way. Knowing that there was more testing to be done, we started giving free samples to other people and listened to the valuable feedback. Sure enough, the other dogs approved of the treats as well.

We decided to test the market by selling them in a few local Bozeman stores. We started baking weekly to fulfill the small local orders. Soon we were baking daily, branching out into stores in Vermont. Shortly thereafter, we started baking two to three times a day at home and decided it was time to upgrade to a bigger kitchen. We moved the production process to a commercial kitchen space in Bozeman. We are now in seven locations in Montana, six locations in Vermont, and one location in Illinois. As we grow, we continue to ensure high quality and wholesome goodness in every treat. Our goal is to provide pet owners with a tasty treat they can feel confident giving to their dog - and one their dog will love.

Our dogs have been our inspiration to make the highest quality treats with 100% organic ingredients. We invite you to “Share a Brew With Your Buddy” - one that is good for their little active selves. We stand behind our product and we are confident your dog will love them! If for any reason your dog decides a brew is not for them, please contact us for a full refund. We appreciate your business and we wish you the happiest adventures with your best buddy by your side!

-the Brewies team